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Welcome to the InTown Neighborhood Association's website! We truly believe we live in the best part of Macon. Macon's InTown district really holds the heart and soul of Macon due to its easy access to Macon's best amenities, the charm of old southern homes, and a diverse, inclusive community of neighbors.

We hope you'll take some time to explore all InTown has to offer! Only InTown can boast of its easy access to education, parks, prominent religious congregations, historic sites, health care, restaurants and nightlife. We are also home to the title of Macon's Safest Neighborhood! Click here to view the data. Below is a list of all the amenities and aspects of our neighborhood that make it a unique, exciting, and engaging place to live. 

To better acquaint yourself with our community, please click the links to the left to learn more about each part of the neighborhood. Be sure to also click here to view a map of the InTown district. Many of the landmarks listed below are listed on google's map. You'll also see the various zones into which our neighborhood is divided. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or any of our officers. See you around the neighborhood! If you have a smartphone, be sure to visit our mobile page at 


Neighbor Testimonials


Intown feels like a small town in all the right ways. I grew up in a small town and had a wonderful childhood. I knew my neighbors as I do now in Intown. When I go for a jog or walk, I see someone I know and often stop to chat. We have neighbors that our children run over to their house, and neighbors who bring their dog over to play with our dog during the day so he is not lonely. Intown is safe (check the stats - actually the safest) and family-friendly. I can't imagine raising my family any where else in this city. I would worry that they would be too confined in a "burb" neighborhood without sidewalks and also not learn about community - their community. I also love the fact that I live one mile from my office, so I can drive or walk. I never get stuck in traffic, and I guess if I did I'd just park my car & walk the rest of the way. Intown is my "Mayberry."

-Bridget M. Wright, M.D.
Intown Resident since 2006 


When we moved to Macon 18 years ago, we were 'warned' that we would want to live in a north Macon suburb, that intown living was either non-existent or for the very poor. So, we chose a new home in a north Macon suburb and enrolled our children in public schools which drew from that area of town. The friendships our children made at their schools, as well as in the neighborhood, kept us from seriously considering  a move 'downtown,' and now I am so sorry that we didn't move here sooner!
Four years ago, with our children out of the house, my husband and I began to re-examine our lifestyle. We had a lovely neighborhood, but it felt a bit "cookie cutter." We also took walks in the neighborhood, but there was no way to walk to a store or restaurant---walks were about excercise, not getting someplace. Walking was also a bit dangerous, as the neighborhood had no sidewalks. (Bibb County did not require developers to put them in.) I would occasionally see my neighbors when I walked, but mostly people in that neighborhood used their backyards and decks----front yards were largely unused. My husband was driving nine miles to get to his job at Mercer. We drove to church, to the grocery, out to eat----we drove everywhere. 
So, we left our subdivision and moved into a home in the Huguenin Heights area of Macon, into a 100 year old home that had been completely renovated ten years previously. Today, we do a lot of walking, and we ALWAYS see our neighbors, because this is a neighborhood with sidewalks and front porches. There are some decks (our house has one), but people seem to like the front yard. Children play on the sidewalks. Our homes are fairly close together, and we look out for one another's yards and pets. 
When I take a walk, I can walk to a public park. I can walk to a dog park (the dog loves that). I can walk to a coffee shop, a bookstore, several restaurants and on Sundays, I walk to church. I walk to a community vegetable garden. My husband walks to work. Our neighborhood is anything but cookie cutter. Yes, some houses are run down, and a few, sadly enough, are empty. But most houses are occupied by families we have come to know and love. I don't pull into a garage and shut the door when I get home---I come home to my street and walk up the public sidewalk to my house. People wave. They know my schedule, and my neighbor has brought in boxes that have been delivered when she knows I am at work.
There is a sense of camaraderie here that I didn't find in my suburb, although I had good friends there. There is also a sense of life being 'real' here. There are young families and retired couples. There are college students. There are black and white people, affluent and middle class, as well as the poor. There is an exciting spirit of wanting to make intown THE neighborhood to live in, and my mother-in-law told me recently that our area of town is the only area that is doing well in real estate right now. I don't know if that is true, but I do know that there is no place in Macon I would rather live!

 -Kathy Roche
InTown Resident since 2007 

Additional Information:

Washington Park
Coleman Hill
Tattnall Square Park
Anderson Park
Lanier Park
Rose Park 
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Alexander II Elementary School
Mount de Sales Academy
St. Joseph's School
Mercer University
Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law
Mercer University School of Medicine
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Prominent Religious Institutions
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
First Baptist Church of Christ 
Centenary United Methodist Church
Temple Beth Israel
Mount Olive Baptist Church
Congregation Sha'arey Israel
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
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Health Care
The Medical Center of Central Georgia
Ronald McDonald House
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Historical Sites
Sidney Lanier Cottage
The Hay House
The Cannonball House 
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Francar's Wings
Ingleside Village Pizza
Jittery Joes Coffee
Barnes & Noble at Mercer
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Joshua Cup Coffee
Rodeo Beach
The Bike Shop
Fountain of Juice (coming soon)
Margaritas (coming soon)
Designer Tan
Roly Poly
H&H Restaurant
1842 Inn 
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 Annual Programs
Easter Egg Hunt
Porch Parties
Trick or Treat Routeb
Christmas Tour of Homes
Christmas Party 
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It's Green!
Bike Paths
Recycling Program 
Walking Distance to Downtown:

  • Restaurants, such as The Downtown Grill and the Market City Cafe
  • Nightlife, such as Envy and the Hummingbird
  • Museums, such as the Children's Museum, Tubman Museum, and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame
  • Services, such as most of Macon's lawyers, doctors, and accountants

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